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These lists are intended to help members, potential members, the public, and the professional community find Al-Anon and Alateen meetings locally and to learn of the services they provide.


  • Open meetings allow attendance by anyone interested in learning about Al-Anon Family Groups. People who may come to open meetings occasionally include students and professionals who work with alcoholics and their families.

  • Closed meetings are for members and prospective members whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Groups that register a meeting as “closed” may decide to hold an occasional “open” meeting in order to reach out to professionals and others interested in Al- Anon.

  • Handicap Accessible meetings can be accessed by people with physical disabilities.

  • Meeting is at an institution such as a treatment facility hospital, psychiatric ward, and crisis/abuse shelter that provide services to alcoholics and their families.

  • No smoking is permitted during the meeting.

  • AC meetings are for Adult Children of Alcoholics. Membership remains open to anyone affected by someone else’s drinking.

  • Temporary care provided for children during a scheduled Al-Anon meeting.

  • Beginners is a special meeting for people who are new to Al-Anon. Experienced Al-Anon/Alateen members introduce newcomers to the Al‑Anon program, as well as inform them about alcoholism as a disease with far- reaching effects.

  • Smoking is permitted during the meeting.

  • Alateen meetings are for members in their teens.